Mass Effect Is Back With a New Teaser Trailer

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Mass Effect is back! Sort of.

Mass Effect, Bioware’s space-based RPG trilogy is coming back, eventually. While the next entry in the series is still early in development, the company has released a teaser trailer, which gives us some idea of where the new game – or series of new games – will be going.

The last Mass Effect game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, was meant to kick off a new series but it was poorly received. We recently dived back into Andromeda, after finding it at a bargain price online, and it’s.. sort of okay? The biggest problem we have is that Andromeda’s graphics are, for the most part, worse than those of the original trilogy. This been blamed on an enforced change of engine, so we hope Bioware are being given more of a free reign with this new title.

The trailer doesn’t show a great deal, mostly flashing forward from mankind’s first steps into space through to first contact with Mass Effect‘s alien races, right up to the war with the Reapers that ended the last game. The most telling part of the trailer comes at the end where Liara T’Soni, one of the companion NPCs from the original trilogy, brushes snow off a piece of N7 armour.

If it’s the case that Commander Shepard, protagonist of the original trilogy and original owner of that armour, still lives, it would seem Bioware are making Mass Effect 3’s ‘destroy’ ending canon. Though, if you’ve not played the trilogy, we’re not going to spoil things by explaining what that ending entails.

You can expect to see more of “The Next Mass Effect” as Bioware are dubbing it, in 2021, though it won’t be released that year. Mass Effect fans can, however, look forward to a remastered version of the original trilogy dropping in Spring 2021.

If you’re ready to have your appetite whetted, you can check out the Mass Effect Teaser Trailer, revealed at 2020’s Game Awards, below.