Minecraft Dungeons Has a New Season Pass, Howling Peaks DLC Out Now

Minecraft Dungeons

If you’ve enjoyed playing Mojang’s Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s more DLC you can enjoy.

Last week, Minecraft Dungeons received a brand new season pass. Priced at $20, it provides access to four new DLC packs. The first of those, Howling Peaks, is available now, and can also be purchased separately.

Each DLC, which will be released over the next several months, will bring new missions to Minecraft Dungeons, as well as introducing new enemy types, new areas and new equipment to find.


The first DLC, Howling Peaks, is available right now. It’ll unlock as part of the season pass, or can be purchased by itself for $5.99. You’ll be able to explore the new area of Howling Peaks, which sees you trek up to the top of a stormy mountain range. You’ll need to be careful, though; gusts of wind are waiting to send you falling back down to the bottom. By exploring the new area, you’ll meet new mob types and find new types of weapons and equipment.

We’ve spent a bit of time with Howling Peaks, and it makes for a welcome expansion to an already excellent game. If you’re familiar with Minecraft Dungeons you’ll find yourself right at home – though the addition of new equipment makes it all the more exciting.

The season pass and the further three DLCs still to come promise to make Minecraft Dungeons a truly expansive game. If you’re yet to play, or haven’t jumped in for a while, it’s worth paying another visit. Free content updates have added new vendors in town, and there are also daily challenges available to take part in.

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