Open-World Adventure Tchia Revealed for Steam and Stadia


Let Tchia take you on a journey to the South Pacific, a land of water, wildlife and worryingly sentient tires.

Okay, we were a little thrown that Tchia’s Steam Store page jumps from controlling a parrot to inhabiting a car tyre but, on the whole, this upcoming open-world adventure looks absolutely adorable. Taking place around New Caledonia, a set of islands in the South Pacific, it casts you as a ukulele-playing girl with the power to possess any animal or object.

Debates about animal free will aside, we’re suitably impressed by Tchia’s gorgeous trailer, which debuted at the Game Awards. It gives us a Breath of the Wild vibe, only with a central character who seems halfway interesting. The trailer, which mostly seems to be in-game footage, shows the titular character floating around on a parachute, controlling a shark (we’re guessing you don’t get to maul people to death), fleeing a couple of spindly antagonists and generally having the time of her life.

The game’s creators were apparently raised on New Caledonia, so have been able to draw on their own experiences, though we’re guessing they never actually funnelled their consciousnesses into a coconut. While there’s no definite release, Tchia will be coming to Google Stadia and Steam (which helpfully informed us the game is like Fallout: New Vegas).

You can check out the trailer below or visit the website. We’re quite looking forward to Tchia though if the final game doesn’t refer to the animals as ‘Tchia pets’, coconuts are going to roll.

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