Phoenix Wright vs Chocolate Milk Is Just What We Need

Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth having a debate over chocolate milk is the best thing we’ve seen in ages.

Okay, a new Ace Attorney game would be great but, in the mean time, these fan-created videos are proving the perfect antidote to 2020. Using one of the many Ace Attorney case creators, YouTuber Despotcito has been turning his friends’ chat-room conversations into full-blown arguments between Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth and other Ace Attorney characters.

It’s utterly magnificent to see these characters passionately arguing over something so relatively mundane. We laughed our faces off as Franziska von Karma took the court to task over microwaving cereal and Phoenix insisted that it was perfectly normal to wear shoes in the shower. The monster.

Despotcito isn’t the only YouTuber doing this; you can also find the Ace Attorney characters arguing whether soup is a drink or a food. But their “Objection.LOL” videos are the most consistently entertaining. Our absolute favourite has to be the heated discussion about using water to make hot chocolate. Though, be warned, these videos are not strictly work safe and contain a fair selection of swears.

You can find more silly courtroom shenanigans on Despotcito’s YouTube channel.