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Retailer GAME Announces Two Festive-Themed Game Fragrances

GAME perfume

UK games retailer GAME has announced two new ‘festive-themed’ game fragrances that definitely exist and haven’t been conceived to take advantage of a slow news period.

The two fragrances, Eau De Plumber & ‘FPS’ are listed on GAME’s website though, sadly, they’ve sold out so fast that they’re now out of stock. We can at least take consolation that, if we were able to purchase them, we’d earn up to £0.20 in reward points.

Eau De Plumber comes in a Mario-inspired bottle, which certainly isn’t just a 3D render and has been “painstakingly blended with deep, toadstooly undertones, with high tones of peach and daisy”. We encourage you to sniff a plumber to discover if, indeed, this is a fair representation of their scent.

‘FPS’ on the other hand, is (not) available in a grenade-shaped bottle, ‘combining the under-tones of napalm, with bouncy high-tones of watermelon and cigars’. Both fragrances are limited to “limited edition. 1x per customer”, making them marginally more attainable than the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X.

You may recall GAME’s previous Christmas offering, the Christmas Tinner, a culinary monstrosity which would make Stuart Ashens weep. It contained a multi-layered Christmas meal in one single can and, like these fragrances, 100% existed.

We look forward to giving you our detailed appraisal of these scents when we have the absolutely real items in our possession.

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