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Sony Pulls Cyberpunk 2077 From Playstation Store

It’s not been a good week for CD Projekt Red. In a dramatic turn of events, Sony has pulled Cyberpunk 2077 from the official Playstation Store and is offering full refunds.

We’d previously reported how, despite CD Projekt Red promises, Sony were refusing to refund purchase of Cyberpunk 2077. While CDPR didn’t specify individual platforms, the refund was aimed at those who’d purchased the game and discovered it ran poorly on the PS4 and Xbox One.

It later transpired that there was no official arrangement in place and that CDPR had made apparently made the announcement without consulting the parties involved. On top of that, retailers who’d sold physical copies of the game were put in a very awkward position, with their only notice being CDPR’s original announcement.

Now, Sony have pulled Cyberpunk 2077 from the Playstation Store. There’s not even a placeholder page; it’s been removed entirely, and clicking on the old store link just puts you back at the main store page. Those who have already purchased Cyberpunk 2077 will still be able to download and re-download it. But if you haven’t done so, the only way of taking a trip to Night City on the PS4 and PS5 (short of account sharing) will be to buy a physical copy.

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On top of that, Sony are now offering full refunds to those who have purchased it digitally, stating:

SIE strives to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, and we will begin to offer a full refund for all gamers who have purchased Cyberpunk 2077 via PlayStation Store and want a refund.

Sony’s Ask Playstation Twitter account has provided a link for those who wish to apply for a refund. Sony have removed games before, but typically those have been online titles that were no longer being supported by the company or titles where the rights have expired. It’s relatively unheard of for a title this high profile to be pulled.

It’s not been a good week for CD Projekt Red and the company’s shame Katamari continues to grow. The game’s problematic launch has reportedly cost the company’s founders a billion dollars, and the fallout looks set to continue. On top of that, CD Projekt Red’s digital storefront, GOG, pulled a dramatic and u-turn, bending to ‘gamer’ pressure and refusing to republish Devotion.

We’re sure CD Projekt Red will come through this, but we have the sneaking suspicion that the people who will suffer, in terms of layoffs, lost bonus etc, will be the first and second level staff, the same people who worked ludicrous hours to get Cyberpunk 2077 out the door. Don’t expect anyone at a serious management level to suffer, short of diminished stock value.

PC and Xbox owners can still purchase Cyberpunk 2077 digitally, though we wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft followed suit and yanked the game.

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