Terminator: Resistance Is Getting Enhanced for the Playstation 5

Terminator: Resistance Infiltrator Mode

Cyborg-blasting FPS Terminator: Resistance is getting an enhanced Playstation 5 version, set to drop next year.

Normally, we’d rib Reef Entertainment for calling it Terminator Resistance: Enhanced but, given the game’s subject matter, the title is spot on. Reviewing the original 2019 release, we called it a “a budget game with a fair amount of soul”, praising the post-apocalyptic landscape but nothing that it was otherwise unremarkable.

Terminator Resistance: Enhanced will add a range of graphics improvements, a better frame rate and will also make use of the DualSense controller’s features. It will also feature an “Infiltratior Mode” that lets you play as a Terminator, instead of Resistance’s standard human protagonist. Sounds cool, right?

Not exactly. The problem we have is that, while Infiltrator Mode was patched into the Steam release of the game, it was never added to the Playstation 4 version or, we presume, the Xbox One version. If you do manage to hunt down a Playstation 5 you can upgrade for free, but PS4 owners who don’t fork out for a PS5 will end up with less content.

Still, if you didn’t experience it the first time round, Terminator Resistance: Enhanced could be worth plasma-gunning your way through. It’s set to launch on March 26th 2021, if Elon Musk’s robot cars haven’t killed us all first.