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The Callisto Protocol is Dead Space in the PUBG Universe

The Callisto Protocol

Remember Dead Space? Electronic Arts probably doesn’t but it looks like the series is being resurrected, courtesy of the PUBG universe.

Fear not – we’re not getting Dead Space Royale. Instead, as revealed at The Game Awards, several of the team behind the original Dead Space franchise are creating The Callisto Protocol, which looks set to pit you against more space-based nasties.

There’s not been an awful lot of info so far, mostly just a cinematic trailer. It shows an understandably distressed man waking up in a space prison, roaming around as he realizes everything has gone to hell and being given a “special kiss” by an oozing, humanoid monster. We assume that the monster is one of the foes you have to dispatch in-game though, if Dead Space is anything to go by, you’ll have to laser-blast their buttocks off before they die.

And yes, you read that headline right, The Callisto Protocol is set in the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds universe, even though it looks set to be a traditional survival horror outing. It seems a little odd but, as one commentator has already pointed out, there’s little harm in using a better known property to give this upcoming survivor horror a (severed) leg up. Beside which, if it means we can bludgeon beasties to death with a frying pan, we’re on board.

If a spiritual successor to the Dead Space franchise sounds up your street, you can get your hands on The Callisto Protocol when it launches on PC and console in 2022. In the meantime, check out the gruesome trailer or poke warily around the official website.

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