The Best Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Video Games

Featured image: Unsplash/Tamanna Rumee

Start them young, that’s what we say.

Despite all of the negative context that video games have had to deal with over the years, it’s been proven that they are great for kids. We wouldn’t recommend letting little Timmy pick up hookers in Grand Theft Auto V, but games like Super Mario and Minecraft are fun and age appropriate. Games can also be educational and a great way to help kids connect with other folks their age.

If you’ve got a young ‘un in your life who loves to game, we’ve put together a list of some great gifts you could get for them this holiday season.

Rocket League Hot Wheels Set

Rocket League Hot Wheels

We figured we better get the priciest thing on this list out of the way first. If you want to really spoil your young one this Christmas, then you’ve got to get them this Rocket League Hot Wheels Set. This RC car set looks and acts like a real Rocket League game. You control the cars with any smartphone and the set even has infrared sensor goals. It really can’t get much fancier or much more awesome than that.

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Gaming Chair

birdrock gaming chair

While this particular chair is advertised as a “gaming chair”, it’s really perfect for any sitting activity. Your video game-loving kid will be ecstatic to have a comfy chair to game, read, watch TV and more on. This chair, unlike other more expensive alternatives, has some lovely cushions, is fully adjustable and comes in a few different colours. Your little gamer will be sitting comfortably for a long time in this lovely chair.

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The Original Tamagotchi


Had to transport ourselves back to the 90s with this one. Did anyone else know that Tamagotchi was still a thing? We certainly didn’t. And while Tamagotchi might not be considered strictly “gaming”, we think it’s the perfect little pocket companion that any kid would enjoy. Kids can take it around with them anywhere. Just be sure that they feed their Tamagotchi regularly, play games with it and, of course, clean up its poop. Add to cart, please.

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Minecraft: Guide Collection

Minecraft Book Collection

Kids are really bonkers about Minecraft. What’s not to like? You get to build things, dress up your characters, fight monsters – it has got it all. Minecraft is really a wonderful place for kids to use their creativity to build fantastic creations. These Minecraft books are a also a great way to help younger kids learn about the more complicated mechanics involved in the game. This particular set includes The Guide to Exploration, The Guide to the Nether and the End, The Guide to Creative and The Guide to Redstone.

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Pixel Sunglasses

Pixel Glasses

If there’s one thing that kids love, it’s an awesome accessory. And that’s exactly how we would describe these wicked cool pixel sunglasses. They look straight out of a video game and come in multiple colours. We guarantee* that your younger gamer is going to bring these glasses with them everywhere. They may even wear them around the house which we realise probably isn’t the best, but hey those kids aren’t our problem, are they? Best of luck.

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Bowser’s Castle Playset

We left a doozy for the last item on our list, and that doozy is this Bowser’s Castle Playset. This playset is a replica of Bowser’s Castle complete with booby traps, spinning fireballs and other dangerous things that Bowser loves. Each element is fully interactable. You can even lift open and close the door to the castle. Two AAA batteries are required to work it, so keep that in mind for when your young ‘un opens it on Christmas. The last thing you want is a dud present that doesn’t work because you forgot to grab some extra batteries.

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