What Difficulty Should you Play Cyberpunk 2077 On?

Cyberpunk 2077 5

When starting a new game in Cyberpunk 2077 you’ll be presented with the same option that many games present: what difficulty would you like to play on?

There are four difficulty levels for you to choose from in Cyberpunk 2077, and they’re all available from the outset. They are labelled Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard.

If you’re new to RPGs or are playing Cyberpunk 2077 purely for its story, you might want to put the difficulty on Easy. On Easy, you won’t have to worry too much about how you develop your character, as enemies won’t present much of a challenge at all. You’ll be able to breeze through the game with little difficulty.


Most players will want to begin Cyberpunk 2077 on Normal, however. The default difficulty level, it presents a bit of a challenge but those who develop their characters well and equip themselves with decent gear won’t have any real problems. Only being too gung-ho in battle will lead to death. And maybe one or two bosses will require some genuine strategy or skill.

For those who want to be challenged, Hard difficulty should be considered from the outset. On Hard, enemies are more challenging to put down, so your character development and equipment are more important. If your gear isn’t up to scratch and your stat and perk points haven’t been well spent, you’ll find enemies becoming bullet sponges. Even worse, you’ll find that you die very quickly.

Very Hard difficulty is for those who want mastering the game’s systems and mechanics to be necessary for success. To survive and succeed on Very Hard, players will need to craft their character very carefully. They’ll need to not waste any stat or perk points, obtain the best gear and both upgrade and mod it where possible, and get the best implants money can buy from Ripperdocs. It’s doable, but very challenging indeed.

It should be noted, however, that the difficulty can be changed at any time in Cyberpunk 2077. So, it’s best to not worry too much about your choice at the beginning of the game – just choose the difficulty you think will be the best for you and then see how things go. If you’re finding the game too hard or too easy at any point, simply go into the game’s settings and change the difficulty level. You won’t be penalised for it, and there are no achievements or trophies tied to the difficulty level.