Action Racing Game ONRUSH Deserved More Love

Onrush 1

ONRUSH released back in 2018, and it’s already all but forgotten.

It shouldn’t be, though. ONRUSH, Codemasters’ team-based off-roading action game was, and still is, an utter joy to play. Blazing through open environments with your team, the goal is never to come first. Rather, it’s to score points. Doing so happens in a variety of ways, depending on the type of event you’re playing. Perhaps you need to boost for as long as possible, accumulating points for your team as you do so. Or maybe you need to pass through checkpoints, each time adding valuable seconds to your team’s clock.

Whichever event you’re playing, though, there’s always the same by-product: taking down your opponents. And it’s always a huge rush.


While you’re unlikely to see many human players in ONRUSH anymore, other positions are filled by CPU players. There are always two teams: you, the blue team, and your opponent, the orange team. ONRUSH is not about taking a race steadily and trying to reach the finish line in one piece. It’s about causing mayhem and destruction for your opponents, crushing them and taking them down as you whizz by them (or over them). As we said in our original review, it’s like Burnout meets Motorstorm; a beautiful but deadly combination.

Onrush 1

Taking out enemies, performing jumps and other tricks increases your boost bar. And boosting increases your RUSH bar. Fill this, and you’ll unleash your RUSH, bursting through your environment and blistering speeds, obliterating any opponents who happen to be in your path. Even now, it’s a thrill unlike anything in any other racing game. Taking out opponents is a joy; side-swiping them into a deadly wall of rocks is great, but even better is crushing them from above with a perfectly-landed jump. Even if it’s mostly accidental, it’s beautiful all the same.

Not having much of a human playerbase to enjoy ONRUSH with doesn’t damage the game, either. In fact, it might even make it more enjoyable. The CPU is generally better-behaved than real players, and so your own teammates are less likely to get in your way.

If you played ONRUSH back in 2018, maybe give it another chance. And if you’re yet to play it, try it. It’s on sale on the PS4 store right now, with the Deluxe edition costing a whopping £3.24. It’s one of the best bargains of PSN’s sale. You won’t regret it.