Ashwalkers from Life is Strange Co-Creator Releases in April


It’s always great to see a new studio jumping into the fray.

Nameless XIII, the new studio from DONTNOD co-founder and Life is Strange co-creator Hervé Bonin, has revealed its new game Ashwalkers is releasing in April 2021.

Ashwalkers (previously under the working title “Cendres”) is a post-apocalyptic tale of four adventurers. The world they live in is very different from the one we know today; society has collapsed, and geological disasters have plagued the world. Ash storms, grey blizzards and acid rain are just some of the horrible things you’ll have to deal with.


And tensions are high as ever between the four characters: the captain of the group, Petra, fighter Sinh, young scholar Kali, and cautious scout Nadir.

Ashwalkers’ gameplay will have players taking on branching story challenges. During these challenges they’ll have to make ethical choices which can lead them to one of 34 possible game endings. Along the way players will have to focus on managing their food, medication and supplies as well.

While this title is mostly a black and white adventure, it doesn’t take away from how impactful and haunting the game looks. It looks as though you’ve jumped into an old black-and-white disaster film.

Ashwalkers heads to PC in April 2021. If you’d like to try the game out early, a demo will be available during the upcoming Steam Game Festival, which runs from February 3rd to February 9th.

Check out the new trailer below.