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1Forget a four or a six, these are the five cricket games you want

Got Ashes fever? A hangover from the Cricket World Cup? These are the five best cricket games currently available to help you get all the Cricket you want.

Cricket and gaming has a strange past. At times they work beautifully, and at other times they produce something awful (looking at you, Ashes Cricket 2013). For such a great and well-loved sport, cricket’s slightly spotted history with gaming is fairly surprising.

But with that being said, there are five great cricket games you can get your hands on now. Some are free games that you can download now on your phone, and some are fully-fledged console games.

Either way, there’s enough to engage the most die hard Cricket fans and the newcomers to the sport. There’s plenty to choose from: some are Arcade style, some are realistic. There’s enough to get you shouting “how’s that!” to any randomer near you.

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