Bloober Team Has Released a New Gameplay Video For The Medium

the medium

Bloober Team has released a new video for The Medium, giving us another look at the supernatural in-game mechanics.

This upcoming third-person horror game, from the developers of Layers of Fear, Observer and Blair Witch, casts you as a supernatural investigator who can travel to the spirit realm. As Marianne, the titular medium, you use your skills solve puzzles and fight supernatural enemies, though if Bloober’s previous titles are anything to go by, combat will be relatively infrequent.

This new three-minute video, titled “What does a medium do?”, shows some of these mechanics in action. This includes the split-screen feature where Marianne reacts to a being that’s present in the spirit world but absent in the normal one. It also shows her focusing spirit fragments (The Medium‘s version of audio logs) and discovering a shoe that vomits glitter.


Are we more hyped for The Medium because of this video? A little. We’ve been pretty excited anyway due to Bloober Team’s track record and the fact Silent Hill’s Akira Yamaoka is handling the soundtrack. That said, we’re still a bit miffed there’s no pre-order bonus where you get to play as Derek Acorah.

The Medium is out January 28th on Xbox Series S/X and PC. It’ll be available via Xbox Game Pass on Console and PC on day one.