Borderlands 3 Update Adds Clear Skies Mini Event to Arms Race

Borderlands 3 Mini Event

Handsome Jack here for some kind of announcement.

What’s up, idiots? I’m back from the grave to deliver this announcement to all you nerds and your “friends.” Gimme the paper!



There’s an upcoming mini-event for Arms Race in Borderlands 3 that runs from today, January 21st to February 11th. You have to have the Designer’s Cut add-on to play, available as part of Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition or Season Pass 2. There’s new stuff to do and find every week yada yada yada. God, this is boring.

Here’s the schedule for the event:

Week 1 – Clear Skies (Runs 9am PT January 21 to 8:59am PT January 28)
  • All enemies have a chance to drop better loot and the Murdercane’s circle will take longer to close in so you can scavenge and explore.
Week 2 – Extra Extra Extraction (Runs 9am PT January 28 to 8:59am PT February 4)
  • All extraction stations will have additional slots to extract more gear. Air Drops will have an increased chance to drop DAHL chests. DAHL chests are more likely to have Arms Race-exclusive gear.
Week 3 – Gear Rush (Runs 9am PT February 4 to 8:59am PT February 11)
  • Rare Chests are more likely to appear in Arms Race. Green DAHL chests located at major points of interest in the Stormblind Complex have an increased chance to contain Arms Race exclusive gear. The Murdercane closes in at a quicker pace.

And for those nerds that care about hotfixes, there’s some of those as well.

It says here, “Handsome Jack is the greatest hero that ever lived. Oh, and Vault Hunters are ugly and stupid.” That’s the only hot fix you really need.

But if you MUST hear about some of the other hot fixes here’s some of the big ones:

  • Vehicle spawners will not activate while another player has started travel to another map
  • Siren’s Ascendant skill has been updated to work with Expedite
  • The Gunner’s Iron Club can now receive Action Skill Damage boosts from Class Mods
  • The Operative’s Devil Raider skins’ appearance on head customisations has been adjusted
  • Players entering Arms Race will now start with a full heal
  • The timer bar in Arms Race now correctly shows the amount of time remaining during the “Kill Heavyweight Harker” objective.

Read the full patch notes here.

That’s just a few of the huge boring list of changes that just launched into the game. But, more importantly – JIMMY! Where are my pretzels? And don’t forget the apple for Butt Stallion. Yeah, the one with the gold flakes.

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