Can You Play Hitman 3 Offline?

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Wondering if you can play Hitman 3 offline, without needing to connect to the internet? Read on.

Hitman 3, like previous titles in the recent Hitman trilogy, sports an online modes that lets you compare your scores to those of other Hitman players and compete to get the fastest time finishing a level. Elusive Targets will also be returning, a feature where you hunt down unique characters who you can only attempt to kill once. Fail and you won’t be able to tack a crack at that target again.

But what if you want to play it offline? Maybe your internet connection is unreliable or you’ve taken your gaming platform somewhere you don’t have internet access? Is it possible to play Hitman 3 without connecting to IO Interactive’s servers?


The short answer is yes.

Unless you’re playing the Nintendo Switch or Stadia version, both of which run from the cloud and require an always on connection, you can play Hitman 3 offline. Even if you do have an internet connection, you can turn offline mode on by going to Options, Privacy and choosing to “Opt Out” of the privacy policy. Then you can you back and choose to opt in to re-enable online mode though we wouldn’t recommend doing this repeatedly.

However, there are a few catches. First of all, you won’t be get a score. This seems a little ridiculous to us; it’s not that you can’t compare your score, you don’t get a score at all. Prior to the ‘new’ Hitman, you’ve always been able to find out how well you did, how many times you were spotted and so forth but if you’re offline, you don’t get that.

Secondly, because you don’t get a score, you can’t unlock extra rewards like the tranquilizer gun. Once these rewards are unlocked you can use them offline, but you need to have an internet connection to earn them online.

Finally, if you’re playing in offline mode you won’t be able to play Elusive Targets when they arrive. You’ll deprived of the joy of murdering Sean Bean or Mr Bean, or whoever it is IO Interactive have recruited for this third title.

That said, Hitman 3’s online mode has a flaw. It’s not as picky about saved games as it used to be; you can load an online save and play it offline, though you won’t get your score and so forth. But if you are merrily murdering your way through the game, and your connection drops, you’ll be kicked out of the game. You’ll have the option to retry going online, in case it was a momentary connection glitch, but if your internet connection is generally poor, your only option might be to stick with offline mode from the word go, using the ‘opt out’ shortcut we mentioned above.

So you can play Hitman 3 offline but you lose out a little. If you’re wondering whether or to not to get it, check out our review.

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