Does Hitman 3 Have Online Multiplayer or Co-op?

Hitman 3 Skydive

With the announcement of IO Interactive’s Project 007, Hitman 3 is likely to be the last Hitman game we get for quite a while.

Thankfully the World of Assassination trilogy ends on a high note with Hitman 3, though some players may be disappointed to find that one mode hasn’t made its way into the game after debuting in Hitman 2. The competitive one-on-one Ghost Mode has been dropped, unfortunately, which may leave Hitman 3 players wondering if the game has any online multiplayer features at all.

The quick answer is no. With Hitman 2‘s Ghost Mode not implemented in Hitman 3, there are no online multiplayer modes to allow competitive assassins out there to directly challenge each other. What Hitman 3 does have, however, is online leaderboards, so players can compete to beat each other by scoring more points. This really comes into its own when taking custom contracts into consideration, where players can mark their own targets and set their own rules for assassinating them.


Those picking up Hitman 3 on Google Stadia will find this concept is taken a step further, with the game being the first to support State Share. It means that players can share their unique game state via a screenshot or playable gameplay clip, and those who then open it up can take on the challenge set by the player and attempt to beat it.

So, Hitman 3 doesn’t feature any online multiplayer modes that enable players to work with or against other. What it does offer, however, are social features that ramp up the competition, driving players to take on challenges and beat others on leaderboards.