Does The Medium Have Multiplayer or Co-op?

The Medium 2

With its unique dual-reality mechanism, you might be wondering if The Medium has multiplayer or co-op.

It seems like it’d be a good fit. If you’ve seen screenshots of The Medium, you’ve undoubtedly seen it playing in split-screen: the ‘real’ world on one side of the screen, with a dark ‘otherworld’ on the other. But can two players each take control of one side? Sadly not; The Medium is a solely single-player affair.

Despite there being potential ways that two players could work together to control protagonist Marianne in two separate dimensions, it’s not possible with the game. Even when the game is split screen, the player’s inputs control Marianne in both dimensions simultaneously. When she moves in the real world, she also moves in the otherworld.


So, no; if you were hoping that you’d be able to play The Medium in online multiplayer or local co-op, it’s not the game for you. Though most horror games are more fun when they’re shared, so if you have friends nearby, perhaps you could still play together. Maybe you could take it in turns to play a scene.

Or simply having a friend or two watch can be helpful: keeping track of both realities can be difficult, so a second player to keep an eye on stuff happening isn’t a bad idea. You don’t want to end up wandering into a deadly swarm of moths just because you weren’t paying attention.