1Moments in Video Games That Tug at our Heart Strings

Certain videos games have a way of making us feel things that nothing else can.

By “feel”, we don’t mean the vibration of a controller or the sweat on the back of your neck during a really long dungeon run in World of Warcraft. We’re talking about real feely feelings. You know, emotions. The very best games will have you laughing, grinning, or even tearing up while watching your character go through their lives with you at the helm, guiding them towards their inevitable destination. Sometimes we get so invested in these characters we don’t realise until it’s too late that we really feel for them.

We’ve rounded up eleven of the most emotional moments in video games; those moments that really tug at our heart strings. We’ve included a mixture of both sad and joyful moments, but you might want to have a tissue at the ready just in case.

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