2The Giraffe Moment (The Last of Us)

The Last of Us has far more than its fair share of heart-warming and heart-wrenching moments, but we’d be fools if we didn’t include that terrific giraffe scene.

The moment we’re talking about is when Joel and Ellie are traveling and come across a tower of giraffes wandering in the middle of a very green field. They both take a moment to pet one of the giraffes before it goes back to the join the others.

After endless hardships, gun fights, and friends lost, the giraffe scene in The Last of Us gives the players and the characters the brief cooldown they deserve. It’s a long overdue moment where we’re able appreciate the true beauty of life and reflect on everything that’s happened. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most emotional moments we’ll ever encounter in a video game. And you can’t deny the view, as Ellie says.

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