February’s PS Plus Games are Pure Gold

Next month’s PS Plus games have just been announced, and they’re more than worth your entire year’s subscription by themselves.

Seriously – it’s one of the best PS Plus line-ups we’ve ever seen. It’s particularly excellent if you’re a PS5 owner, with two PS5 games being up for grabs. One of which is a brand new title, and the other is one of the best games of recent years.

Alright, we’ll stop with the teasing. Here’s what you have to look forward to in February if you’re a PS Plus subscriber:

  • Destruction AllStars (PS5): Originally slated to be a PS5 launch title, this vehicular combat game was pushed back a couple of months. But it’s ready to come out of the oven now, and PS Plus subscribers will get to play from day one.
  • Control Ultimate Edition (PS4 and PS5): This is a huge win for Sony, and for PS Plus subscribers. Control is one of our favourite games of recent years, and the Ultimate Edition packs in all of its DLC. Plus, it’s fully enhanced for next-gen, too, so PS5 users get to experience spine-tingly good visuals and performance. If you’re yet to play it, this is one to get hyped for.
  • Concrete Genie (PS4): A PlayStation exclusive title from 2019, Concrete Genie sort-of slipped under the radar, but those who played it know how excellent it is. This is another fantastic addition to PS Plus.

All three games will be available to claim from Tuesday, 2nd February. Which, coincidentally, is the date that Destruction AllStars and the PS5 version of Control Ultimate Edition launch. Damn, Sony. Quit spoiling us. We could get used to this.

Control and Concrete Genie will remain available until Monday, 1st March. You’ll have a little longer to claim Destruction AllStars: It’ll remain available on PS Plus until Monday 5th April.

Remember to claim January’s games – an almost-as-good selection of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Maneater and Greedfall – before Monday 1st February.