Five Excellent, Definitely Foolproof Ways to Make Friends in Among Us

It’s not easy making friends.

It can be especially difficult to make friends when there’s a chance that you might be a murderer. But that’s just how to cookie crumbles sometimes in Among Us. Over Christmas break we pretty much did nothing except play Among Us with our friends.

But, what about when your friends aren’t around and you want to play? You’ve got to play with… strangers. OH NO.


Trust me, I’m scared of strangers most of the time. But Among Us players tend me to be pretty unforgiving (and pretty weird. We’re some of them. We’d know). Still, if you’re worried about getting strangers to like you, there’s a few simple things you can do in game to help you form some beautiful friendships.

Tell a Really Bad Joke

Among Us Bad Joke

The beauty of Among Us is the ability to type out whatever you want in the group chat. Sometimes the best thing to do when you’ve joined a lobby is start with a joke. It’ll break the ice and you’ll be deemed as “the funny one” of the group. Puns are encouraged. Knock, knock jokes as well. But pretty much anything stupid with do.

Do you think they allow loud laughing in Hawaii? Or is just a lo ha?

What did one plate say to another? Dinner’s on me.

You’ll get a chuckle and, as a bonus, the imposters will think twice before killing you because you’re just so funny. Alternatively, your crewmates might throw you out of the airlock… that can happen too.

Form an Alliance

Among Us Alliance

Among Us is all about finishing your tasks (or ruthlessly killing people if you’re an imposter) so forming an alliance is a pretty good way to make a friend fast. Did you just see treehugger69 scan in med bay? Now he’s a guaranteed good guy. Time to follow him around so that he knows you’re also a good guy.

Sure, it might make you look a little suspicious that you’re following him around, but treehugger69 will vouch for you at the next meeting. You’ve been together the whole time. There is, of course, the chance that your new friend will think you were chasing him and waiting for your cool kill down to come back up and at the next meeting they throw you out of the airlock… hmm, we think we see a pattern forming here.

Flirt Like Your Life Depends On It

Among Us Flirting

If there’s one thing that makes me people weak in the knees, it’s flirting. If an attractive person comes up to us in real life and graces us with a compliment, we turn to putty. The same applies in a video game. Make them blush and they’ll make sure you survive the game so you can send more praise their way.

Alternatively, you may find out that the person you’ve been flirting with is actually a 12-year-old named Kenny and the group will throw you out of the airlock for being one really creepy crewmate.

Use All Capitals When Typing

Among Us All Capitals

If you want to make an impression, start and end with CAPITALS. Sure it makes it seem like you’re YELLING, but sometimes YELLING is the best way to get your point ACROSS. Oftentimes, people will yell back and it will be a super dramatic game of Among Us that everyone will remember for years to come.

Then again, people might mistake your yelling for panic because they think maybe you’re trying to cover up a murder and out into the reaches of space you go. CURSE YOUUU.

Make Your Username Something Interesting

Among Us Names

Along the same vein as a nice joke to start things off, you could make your name something interesting to spark a conversation. Our Among Us in-game name is ih8raisins. It often (almost never) sparks a discussion right off the bat. “Why do you hate raisins?” “I believe they’re the devils long forgotten couch grapes.”

And now you’re the one in the group who sparked the conversation AND they think you’re funny. There’s no way they’ll… oh wait they saw you standing over a body while you were doing a task? Out of the airlock with you!

The point is, coming up with a funny or cool name is a great way to make friends fast. Good luck!