1Games That Take Place in Space

Everyone has thought about going into space one day. 

As humans down here on Earth we often look to the sky and think about what it might be like to live among the stars. To be able to look out our windows and see nothing but the blackness of space. It’s easy to imagine when we see so many characters in our favourite video games getting to live that dream. Getting to experience the futuristic space-travel experience. 

There are many games set in space. Some of them allow us to live out our wildest dreams and travel to far-off planets. Others are more like nightmares, putting us face-to-face with terrifying alien creatures. Either way, we get a kick out of being in the vast unknown that is outer space.

If you want to venture to the far reaches of the universe without leaving your couch, look no further. We’ve put together a list of some of the best games set in space. Click on through to venture into the unknown.

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