2Dead Space

Dead Space isn’t an ideal space story. It isn’t about discovering new planets and exploring the outer reaches of space. Let us just say it’s a bit more… visceral than that. The game follows space engineer Isaac Clarke who is part of the crew of the ship Aegis VII. Isaac and his team unexpectedly crash into the Ishimura, a mining ship, and uncover that something strange is going on there. 

And by “something strange”, what we really mean is: everyone is dead, dying or turned into horrific alien creatures. You’re tasked with repairing the ship as much as you can, defending yourself against the terrible monsters there and eventually finding your wife Nicole who was a crewmate of the Ishimura. While it may not be the serene, pleasant-walk-through-outer-space experience you were thinking of, it is a terrifying and exciting story. And for that reason, Dead Space is one of the best games set in space.

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