3Outer Wilds

Things seem to go wrong quite often in space, and the story in Outer Wilds is no exception. In the game you play as an unnamed explorer who has found themselves stuck in a 22-minute time loop that resets after the sun goes supernova at the end of each day. The player is tasked with finding out why the time loop is occurring. Each time the player makes progress during the day, that progress stays during the next 22-minute loop. 

What’s intriguing about Outer Wilds is discovering the story behind the Nomai, an ancient race that colonised the system the player is exploring. Not only do players have to try and find out why and how they’re stuck in a time loop, but they’re tasked with discovering who the Nomai really were and how their existence has influenced the game’s story. That intriguing story is what makes Outer Wilds one of the best games set in space.

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