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10 Multiplayer Games That Ruin Friendships

These multiplayer games are all fun… until someone loses

If you’re the kind of person that likes to mostly play games solo, then this list will probably be very foreign to you.

We all love gaming with our friends. Being able to experience vast worlds, creative characters and funny moments with your nearest and dearest is one of the most fun things a person can do in a video game. Whether it be splitscreen, co-op, or online multiplayer, so many games encourage us to invite our friends along to have the most fun.

We could probably all list four or five games off the top of our heads that we love playing with our friends. But often, those same games can also make us want to kill our friends. We’re sorry, but it’s true. These games make us play mean, cruel, and just plain unfair. And that’s why we love them so much.

The following is a list of 10 games that ruin friendships. These are the multiplayer games that make us yell and scream at our friends who we would otherwise feel nothing but love towards. These are the games are the most fun we’ve ever had… until we start losing. The games that eventually make us wonder why we ever enjoyed it in the first place. If you don’t think that all of your friends are jerks and cheaters after playing these games, you’re doing it wrong.


Now, right off the top of your head, you might not think that Fortnite is the right game for this list. After all, it’s a 99-player free-for-all game, right? Well, what about the fact that you can play the game together with up to three of your friends? You might still be thinking, “But how could a game where you’re working together, fighting against other people, ruin your friendships?”

Boy, do we have news for you.

Working together with your team is essential to winning when you’re playing Fortnite. If you’re playing the game together, you have to communicate in order to take down the other 96 people whose goal it is to survive. If you don’t communicate, you end up with one member of your team being taken down while you flail around trying to decide what the next best course of action is. It can be infuriating when your team doesn’t follow your lead or whoever is leading makes a bad choice. Watch out; before you know it, you might have just ruined any future your friendship ever had with your old Fortnite buds.

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Dead by Daylight

Another title that may seem like an unlikely fit for this list is Dead by Daylight. In the game you and three other survivors are working together to try and finish generators and escape before the killer, well, kills all of you. Again, co-operation is key here. Make one wrong turn and you might just be leading the killer right into your friends.

Possibly the most infuriating part of Dead by Daylight – the likely-to-ruin-friendships – part, is that once the killer tosses you on a hook, you’re at the mercy of your friends. If they decide they’d rather not risk pissing off the killer by saving you, they can just leave you hanging there, cursing to haunt them for the rest of your afterlife if they don’t save you. Plus, if you don’t bring anything to heal yourself with, you’ve also got to rely on them for that.

Dead by Daylight pins all four survivors against a killer, but what about one survivor BFF who just made her other survivor BFF angry? You’ve got a whole new issue to worry about there.

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Tekken 3 (and basically any fighting game ever)


If you’re a fan of fighting games, then you probably know all about the art of button mashing. And it is an art. I’m using Tekken 3 on PlayStation One as an example thanks to personal trauma experiences as a kid, but this applies to pretty much any fighting game ever made.

As a kid, back when Tekken 3 was hot off the press, I couldn’t quite understand why my older sister and her friends were so much better than me at it. I realised many years later that this is because they had memorised the moves of certain characters. Yoshimitsu, for example, is able to heal himself during battle, and Eddy Gordo, who just basically breakdances all over the place and all over your face. They’d mastered specific combos – and all my young, untrained fingers could do was button mash. This caused young little me to have many rage fits and I still hold those grudges to this day. Welcome to the list Tekken, I still hate you.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – or indeed any of the Smash Bros. games – is a very obvious pick for this list. Multiplayer mode is pretty much renowned for being the most ridiculous culmination of button mashing from all players. And along with button mashing comes a lot of RAGE.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been eaten by Yoshi and turned into an egg, or been crushed by a falling Kirby who has turned himself into a spiked ball. This isn’t even the worst part. The worst part is when your friend is just hitting the same button over and over and over – we’re looking at you, Link players, who just constantly shoot arrows.

There really is nothing more annoying than someone who isn’t taking Super Smash Bros. seriously. It isn’t about having fun; it’s about winning, and in order to win you have play the game as intended. That means pressing buttons as they were meant to be pressed, and absolutely no button bashing, dammit!

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The Borderlands Series


We’re huge fan of the Borderlands series. They’re some of the best first-person loot shooters ever made, but when it comes to playing with a friend, things can get a bit frustrating. Particularly because of the second wind mechanic.

If you aren’t familiar, the second wind mechanic in Borderlands allows you a chance to revive yourself after taking critical damage. Either a friend can come to revive you, or you can kill an enemy, granting you second wind. But here’s where the frustration comes in. More often than not, your friend has already killed the only enemy left in the area, leaving you bleeding and defeated on the floor. This results in a lot of yelling, sometimes challenging your friends to duels, and maybe, just maybe, occasionally blowing up explosive barrels when your partner is standing next to them.

We’re not evil, we’re just vengeful.

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Portal 2


Are you familiar with the phrase “two heads are better than one”? Sadly, we don’t think that’s the case when it comes to Portal 2‘s co-op mode. Having to rely on someone else understanding exactly what you’re telling them about their portals, while also listening to their ideas about what to do with your portals, all while also trying to make your character move in and out of all of the portals is just too much. Too much, we tell you.

Okay, Portal 2 really is a lot of fun at first when your friend falls into the poisonous water and has to respawn. It’s a little less fun after the 40th attempt when you’re sure you were just about to figure it out, and then they forgot to switch the colour of their portal while you were in midair, or moved off the switch they were supposed to be standing on, crushing you. Let’s be clear: it’s always their fault. It’s never yours.

Gremlins Inc.

Gremlins Inc 2-min

Indie hit Gremlins Inc. is a bit of an odd choice, but hear us out; the ways that it lets you screw over your friends is practically endless. Sometimes it feels like screwing ’em over is the only rule of the game. We’re ashamed of the things that we’ve said to our friends while playing. It brings something unholy out of us that we just cannot explain.

The entire goal of Gremlins Inc. is to be the one with the most points (“gears”) at the end of the game. There are a number of ways that you can steal them and make opponents lose them or spend them, along with a frustrating amount of other resources in the game. It’s horrible! But that’s why we love it.

Our recommendation would be to only play Gremlins Inc. with your closest friends who fully understand that you love them dearly… but when that clock starts ticking and those gears start turning, they are the enemy.

Mario Party

Mario Party 10 WiiU

It’s hard to argue against Mario Party.

If you’re feeling like a nice long game, you can play the full game with a few friends – maybe a few CPUs – or if you’re just looking for something quick you can play the mini games. It’s such good fun! Or at least, it’s good fun until you decide that you’re going to be brave and put those CPU opponents on ‘hard’ difficulty. “It’s fine,” you’ll say. “How hard can they be, really?” Oh dear. You’ll regret those words very quickly.

When you put those computer players on anything past “dumb af” you’ve turned the game dial up to 11 and opened yourself up to a world of hurt. And who do you take your anger out on when you start to lose? Not the CPUs who don’t care what you think, but your innocent friend that’s sitting on the couch next to you with a fresh glob of low fat guacamole in their mouth perfectly unaware of the rage hurricane currently on their weather forecast.

Did I go off on a tangent there? What was I saying? Oh, right Mario Party. Play it, it’s great. Fun for the whole family. Honest.

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Mario Kart

Mario Kart-min

If you thought that Mario Party was the only Mario game that ruins friendships, then you obviously haven’t played any Mario Kart. Everyone knows that most Mario Kart players have no idea what they’re doing and just spend the majority of the race praying that they’re not hit by a red shell. Players in first place will be begging to not be in first place when the inevitable first-place-seeking blue shell is thrown. We particularly hate being punched off the map by another player.

Then, of course, there’s those players that really do know exactly what they’re doing because they’ve sunk hours and hours into memorising exactly what time to start drifting to speed boost around the lava pit, or hold a 100% success rate when it comes to hitting you in the arse with every one of their green shells. Every. Single. One. We just can’t be friends with those people, we can’t.

And we just shouldn’t talk about banana peels. We’re etting rage-induced acid reflux just thinking about it.

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a game unlike any you’ve ever played. Trust us there. First of all, in order to play you have to print out an intimidating manual. In the game, one person will be sitting in front of a bomb that has a bunch of different panels on it. The person (or people) with the manual must talk the person with the bomb through how to diffuse it. The rule is, of course, that the person with the manual isn’t allowed to look at the bomb and vice versa.

The further you progress in the game, the harder these modules become to diffuse. After a few failed attempts, you’ll probably want to wring the neck of the person with the manual. Clearly they didn’t explain it right or you wouldn’t have exploded. Then again, they think that you didn’t describe the problem well so they had a hard time figuring out what to do. It is all about communication and being totally zen. And by zen, I mean screaming until you both either decide that bomb diffusing isn’t your forte or you hate each other and your friendship is over now. Yeesh.

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