Now, right off the top of your head, you might not think that Fortnite is the right game for this list. After all, it’s a 99-player free-for-all game, right? Well, what about the fact that you can play the game together with up to three of your friends? You might still be thinking, “But how could a game where you’re working together, fighting against other people, ruin your friendships?”

Boy, do we have news for you.

Working together with your team is essential to winning when you’re playing Fortnite. If you’re playing the game together, you have to communicate in order to take down the other 96 people whose goal it is to survive. If you don’t communicate, you end up with one member of your team being taken down while you flail around trying to decide what the next best course of action is. It can be infuriating when your team doesn’t follow your lead or whoever is leading makes a bad choice. Watch out; before you know it, you might have just ruined any future your friendship ever had with your old Fortnite buds.

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