Here’s What We’ve Learnt About Resident Evil Village

We knew Resident Evil Village was on the way but after Capcom’s Resident Evil Showcase, we’ve learnt a little more.

Last night’s Resident Evil Showcase might not have been quite the rollercoaster ride of revelations we were hoping for, but we’ve learned a few more things about Capcom’s upcoming survival horror sequel. Here’s what we know aboutĀ Resident Evil VillageĀ so far.

You play as Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7.

There’s a PlayStation 5 exclusive demo where you play as a character known as the Maiden, but you’re going to be Ethan for most, if not all, of the game. Though, if we’re honest, Ethan isn’t the most interesting character.

Resident Evil Village is entirely in first person.

Like Resident Evil 7 and unlike the remakes, you view the action through Ethan’s eyes.

Mia makes at least a cursory appearance.

Mia, Ethan’s wife, can be heard in the trailer, so we can assume she’s in the game briefly. We’ve got the feeling she’ll be left behind while Ethan travels to the village, which is a disappointing given she has a more interesting history than Ethan.

Ethan and Mia’s child is kidnapped, apparently by Chris Redfield.

We love the idea that Chris just needed to open a door with a baby-shaped lock, but his motives are likely a little more sinister. Even if his endgame is to foil whatever scheme’s brewing, kidnapping a baby is a far cry from his goody two-shoes stance in Resident Evil 1.

Tall Vampire Lady is called Lady Dimitrescu.

The lofty bloodsucker the internet has been thirsting over has a name, as well as several daughters who can turn into swarms of insects. However…

Mother Miranda may be the game’s big bad.

Lady Dimitrescu looks to be Resident Evil Village’s version of Resident Evil 2’s Mr X but she’s not in charge. She’s seen answering to a Mother Miranda, talking about a ceremony. We wouldn’t be surprised if there are multiple castles in the game, or at least multiple territories, particularly since we didn’t see any werewolves.

There are likely four houses in the game.

Writer Leon Hurley pointed out that there are four houses visible in a coat of arms, suggesting that even if there aren’t multiple territories, you’ll have to contend with four factions.

Village will be bundled with Resident Evil 7.

There’s a bundle version of the game that includes Resident Evil 7 which, we’re assuming, also includes its DLC. If you pre-order that bundle you should be able to play Resident Evil 7 right away.

You can look forward to a lot of Breaking Bad jokes.

One of Village’s antagonists is called Heisenberg. We suspect he’s competing with Lady Dimitrescu rather than working for her.

Merchants are back.

There’s a merchant who you can purchase items from though, unfortunately, not the same merchant as in Resident Evil 4.

It’s not a PlayStation exclusive.

Resident Evil Village is coming to the PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series X and Series S.

There’s a multiplayer mode.

RE:Verse is multiplayer mode/extra game that has you shooting other well known Resident Evil characters though, if we’re honest, we’re not all that excited about more multiplayer Resident Evil.

It’s released on May 7th.

Resident Evil Village is arriving a little sooner than we thought, though there’s always the possibility of delays.

PlayStation 5 owners can play a demo right now.

The Maiden demo doesn’t include any combat, but it’s a good way to get a look at Village‘s gorgeous environments. Another demo will arrive later. You can watch us play our way through it.

You can expect more tidbits to leak out as we learn more about Village. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on Resident Evil Village and we’ll keep you updated with any new developments.

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