Hitman 3’s Cinematic Release Trailer Is Out Now

Hitman 3 2 (1)

With Hitman 3 a day away from release, developers IO Interactive have released a final trailer for the much-anticipated murder-em-up.

The new trailer is suitably dramatic, showing the forces Agent 47 will be going up against in his quest for vengeance. There are a lot of sweeping shots, many of which seem to be rendered using the in-game engine, as well as some clips of in-game cutscenes. The trailer also shows 47 in action, though stripped of any in-game HUD. It’s stirring stuff, meant to get you thoroughly hyped for Hitman 3.

So does it work? Sort of. We were certainly a little skeptical about whether Hitman 3 could pull off the whole revenge angle. Agent 47, star of every single Hitman title, has been presented as largely dispassionate, so turning him into a vengeful crusader, out to take down the world’s secret leaders, is a tough sell.


We are excited for Hitman 3, but it’s the series’ freedom that has kept us engaged and we’re looking forward to murdering some bad people across multiple locations. In particular, the whodunnit style mansion mission looks excellent. Do we need to get ‘justice’ for Agent 47? Probably not but gloved fingers crossed we’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

Hitman 3 is released January 20th, for the Xbox One, Series S/X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC and Stadia. You can check out the trailer here and read our review of it very soon.

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