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How Long Does it Take to Beat Hitman 3?

If you’ve played through the first two entries in the World of Assassination trilogy, you’re no doubt going to want to pick up the excellent Hitman 3.

The concluding entry in the World of Assassination trilogy finds Agent 47 attempting to take out the partners of Providence. Will he succeed? It’s up to you to take control of him and find out. But if you are picking up Hitman 3 or have already done so, you might be wondering how long it takes to beat it?

The answer isn’t so simple. With six locations to work through, each one of them having a number of targets for you to eliminate before making your escape, your time to complete the game will depend on multiple factors. Firstly there’s the difficulty you’re playing on to consider: Hitman 3 has three difficulty levels, with the easiest allowing you to make your way through missions at a much quicker pace and the last making things much more challenging. There’s also each player’s approach to consider: some will rush in and take out their targets by any means necessary, while others will perhaps try to make their kills seem like accidents.

It’s prudent to estimate that each mission will take an hour or so on average for players to complete. Well, at least the first five – the last will take less for multiple reasons. So, those jumping into Hitman 3 are likely to complete all of its story missions within around six hours. There’s so much more to do after that though.

Each of Hitman 3‘s locations has a wealth of challenges to complete, as well as stories to discover and playthrough. Add on top of that mastery levels, Escalation Contracts, Sniper Assassin mode and the ability for players to create their own contracts, and you have a game that players could end up playing for tens of hours.

Basically, then, if you just want to blast through Hitman 3‘s story on Casual or Professional difficulty it’ll definitely take you less than ten hours to beat even if you take your time or mess up a lot. Those who want to see and do everything the game has to offer, however, including getting all of its achievement or trophies, will find themselves playing it for perhaps thirty hours or more.

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