How Long Does it Take to Beat The Medium?

The Medium 3

Bloober Team’s The Medium is finally here, and even better, it’s included in Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC on day one.

Inspired by old fashioned third-person horror games with fixed camera angles like Silent Hill, The Medium presents players with an interesting world in which a gripping story takes place. It also features a unique dual world mechanic, which powers many of its thoughtful puzzles. But those thinking about playing The Medium might be wondering how long it takes to beat it.

The Medium isn’t a long game – most players are likely to complete it in around eight hours on their first playthrough. The first playthrough might end up being their last, too. You see, there are no difficulty levels or alternative endings to be found. The only reason players might want to play through The Medium again is to sweep up any Achievements they missed the first time around. Lots of them are tied to finding collectibles, but even they aren’t very elusive.


So, most players will beat The Medium in about eight hours and then never go back. And those who do play through it a second time are likely to shave at least a couple of hours off their previous time.