How to Earn Priority Passes in Overwatch

Wondering how to earn those Priority Pass queue tickets in Overwatch? We’ve got your answer.

Everyone that plays Overwatch has a role that they prefer. It goes without saying that most folks prefer to play DPS. It’s an easy enough role and you don’t have the pressure of the team’s fate resting on your shoulders. But, a new addition to the game – Flex Queue – has given players a chance to change up how they queue.

You can start earning your new Priority Passes by entering the flex queue. The flex queue will queue you for whichever role is most needed. In most cases, this will be tank or healer as these are the roles most folks try to avoid. You earn your passes simply by playing a game, but you’ll earn more for winning. You can earn up to 40 passes this way.


So, what’s the point in these passes? Well, say you’re going to play a Quick Play match and you really want to play DPS. We know how that is. Sometimes you just get tired of being the only nice person in Overwatch who plays tank and healer. But queue times for DPS take ages because that’s the role that everyone is queueing for. Priority Passes allow you to essentially bypass the line, like fast passes at Disney World.

When you go to queue choose the DPS role and you’ll see the option underneath that says “Use a Priority Pass.” This will send you into your quick queue for DPS.

And there you have it. You can earn those Priority Passes simply by queuing up in the Flex queue and playing a bit of healer and tank for a while. Once you’ve saved up your passes you can spend them to get on the ride faster – er, sorry, jump into the game as DPS faster, later down the line.