How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch

Trying to level up quickly in Overwatch? Here’s how.

We know levelling up in Overwatch can be a chore. If you’re just starting out then you’re there at the bottom of the barrel with the other inexperienced folk, so you’ll just have to do your best. But if you’re starting a new account and want to catch up to your friends, you’ll want to level up as quickly as you can.

There are a few different things you can do to level up your character quickly. It’s worth mentioning though, that these aren’t “cheating” ways of doing it. The best way to level up in Overwatch is simply to play the game, but here’s a few tips to get you some extra XP.

Play with your friends

One of the easiest ways to grab an extra 20% XP is by playing the game with your friends. This works for all game modes. Plus, we think it’s easier to win matches when you can chat with your buds.

Try out Total Mayhem in arcade

We’ve found that playing Total Mayhem matches can earn you a good chunk of experience. This is because they last longer and you have to do a lot more work in order to come out on top.

Play at least one game a day

Overwatch rewards players for coming back once a day. You get a 1,500XP bonus for playing your first game each day.

Play consecutive matches

Not only do you get bonus XP for your first game each day, but the more games you play the more bonus XP you can accrue. Overwatch rewards players for playing games back-to-back. So, while you can earn bonus XP for your first game, it’s recommended you play another handful of games to grab some extra consecutive matches XP.

Give out your endorsements

It’s not hard to pat your fellow players on the back. That’s basically what endorsements in Overwatch do. They give you a chance to say, “Hey, you were a good teammate”. You get three endorsements to give out at the end of every match. So throw them around to gain some extra XP. If you didn’t like your teammates you can even give them to the enemy team for being good sports.

Don’t leave games

One of the scummiest things you can do in Overwatch is leave in the middle of a game. And Overwatch penalises you by giving you 75% less XP during games if you do so. Even if you get sent into a game with a team that’s losing, stick it out, because you’ll get bonus XP for backfill.

As we mentioned, there’s no special way to get a bunch of XP really quickly in Overwatch. The best way is to just play the game, improve your skills and play for a bit every day if you can. Best of luck!