How to Redeem a Code on PS5


So, you’ve been lucky enough to secure yourself a PS5. Welcome to next-gen.

If you want to play online with your new console, however, you’re going to need PS Plus, and often the cheapest way to get it is to buy a code somewhere, such as CD Keys. And once you’ve acquired a code, you need to redeem it. You might acquire codes for other things in relation to your PS5 too, like PSN credit, or a PlayStation Now subscription. If you’re new to the process, you might be wondering how to redeem a code on your PS5.

To redeem a code via your PS5, sign in with the account with which you wish to redeem the code, then head on over to the PlayStation Store. On your menu bar full of games, you’ll find the PlayStation Store all the way to the left. Once you’re on the PSN Store tile, simply move down to access it, or press X. Within the PSN store, you next want to navigate to the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can do that by either moving there with the d-pad, which can be fiddly, or by pressing the Triangle button and then simply moving right three times. Click on the three dots, and a Redeem Code option should appear in a list that drops down.


Upon selecting the Redeem Code option, you’ll be taken to a screen in which you need to input your code. Codes you can redeem on your PS5 will always consist of three blocks of four alpha-numerical characters; AC0D-33X4-MPLE, for example. Don’t worry about putting in the dashes – you can enter a code as one long string of 12 characters if you wish. Once you’ve input a code, select Done with the R2 button, then press X on Redeem – the item you’re redeeming should be shown. You can then confirm whether you want to redeem the code or not. If you get an error message, check that you’ve entered the code correctly before contacting your code vendor with your issue.

If you have the PlayStation App on your mobile phone, you can also redeem PS5 codes with that. Simply open up the app on your phone, sign in, then click the PlayStation Store icon at the bottom of the screen. From there, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen, then select the Redeem Code option. You’ll then be prompted to enter your sign-in details once again before being able to enter your code and redeem it.