How to Save Your Game in The Medium

The Medium 1

The Silent Hill series has had notepads and weird red sigils that allow you to save your game. The Resident Evil series has largely relied upon typewriters and ink ribbons. So what do you use to save your game in The Medium?

Available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC, The Medium is the latest game to come from Polish development studio Bloober Team. Known for horror games such as Observer and Layers of Fear, The Medium is a bit of a departure for the studio as it features fixed camera angles and third-person gameplay rather then being played from a first-person viewpoint. As such, it draws similarities with classic PS One horror games. When it comes to its save game system, however, it’s very modern.

Basically, you don’t use anything to save your game in The Medium. You can’t manually save your progress; you have to rely on the game’s autosave system to record your progress for you. Thankfully it saves fairly regularly – look for the icon appearing in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to give an idea of when the game has saved your progress. If you pause the game, you can also go to the load game option to be presented with a list of your save files along with the times they were made. It’s helpful if you want to know how much time has passed since your last save. If it was only a minute or so ago, you’re safe to turn the game off without losing much progress.


Of course, The Medium‘s autosave system means you can’t manually save your progress at key points in the game in case you want to go back to them at a later date. It’s a bit disappointing, but hey, at least you don’t have to hunting for a place to save when you want to turn the game off.