How to Unlock Golden Weapons in Overwatch

Overwatch Golden Guns

Whether you’re new or not, you might not know about these shiny golden weapons in Overwatch.

One of the things that is truly addicting about Overwatch is unlocking cosmetics. Players, including me, are obsessed with collecting each and every cosmetic they can get their hands on. We want 90s Zarya, dancing Lucio, Reinhardt smashing a pumpkin with his hammer. Collecting cosmetics is really what the game is all about. Forget lore and team work. But, have you ever seen players flying around with fancy golden pieces? Here’s how to unlock golden weapons in Overwatch.

In order to unlock gold weapons in Overwatch, you have to earn Competitive Points; i.e. points you earn for playing games in Competitive Mode. Gold weapons cost 3,000 CP. You’ll only get a small handful of points per game, but if you rank up during the season you’ll earn a big handful at the end.


Here’s how many points you’ll earn for each rank you can end the season at:

  • Bronze: 100 CP
  • Silver: 200 CP
  • Gold: 400 CP
  • Platinum: 800 CP
  • Diamond: 1,200 CP
  • Master: 2,000 CP
  • Grandmaster: 3,000 CP

It’s not much. There’s a reason why I’ve been playing Overwatch from the very beginning an only have one golden weapon. If it’s something that you really want, playing competitive games is the only way to get it.

Once you do earn your 3,000 CP, head to the hero gallery and choose the character you want the golden weapon on. Scroll to the bottom of the list where it says “weapons”. From there, you’ll see the golden option for you weapon. Click “unlock” and you’re good to go.

Hopefully, this guide helped you figure out how to get your golden weapon in Overwatch as soon as possible. Be sure to show it off, people love that.