Jurassic World Evolution Is Free on the Epic Games Store

Jurassic World Evolution is free on the Epic Games Store, letting you unleash havoc to your heart’s content!

Sorry, did we say “unleash havoc”? We meant to say that you can build your own Jurassic Park/World, cramming it with dinosaur attractions, shops and whatever it takes to keep your visitors happy and safe. We certainly wouldn’t dream of leaving the door on the T-Rex pen open, just to watch the slaughter ensue. Honest.

Whatever your plans, though it doesn’t come with any of the downloadable content, Jurassic World Evolution is an absolute steal at the low, low price of absolutely nothing. In our review we called it an “engaging, exciting and sometimes brutal take on the theme-park management genre” and noted how it rewarded you for taking risks. For example, upping the agression factor of your T-Rexes will keep your visitors happy but it also boosts the risk they’ll smash their way out of their pens. Decisions, decisions.

If you have (or create) an Epic Games Store account you can claim Jurassic World Evolution from now until January 7th.

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