King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition Hits Europe and Is Coming Soon to the US

King of Fighters XIV Body

King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition has hit the Playstation 4 in Europe and is coming to the US later this month.

The King of Fighters is a one-on-one fighting series that sprung into life into 1994, though many of the characters had featured in previous Neo Geo games. King of Fighters XV launches later this year but Playstation 4 (and Playstation 5) players have the chance to experience the previous entry in the series, complete with all downloadable content and downloadable fighters.

Originally released in 2016, King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition, developed by SNK, adds eight fighters; Rock Howard, Vanessa, Ryuji Yamazaki, Whip, Heidern, Blue Mary, Oswald and Najd and ten extra costumes. There’s also ten additional costumes none of which, to our surprise, are for Mai Shiranui.


The series isn’t quite as well known as the Street Fighter series but it has a massive following and XIV is an excellent brawer. We praised the Steam version of King of Fighters XIV, giving it a massive 9 out of 10 and saying it “offers nearly unlimited fun”.

The digital version of King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition is out already in Europe and the US digital version will drop January 20th, both featuring ten bonus Playstation themes. A physical version will also be arriving in the Spring. You can check out the trailer below.