Maiden Walkthrough: How to Complete Resident Evil Village’s PS5 Demo

Maiden Resident Evil Village

During Thursday’s Resident Evil showcase, Capcom revealed new information about the upcoming Resident Evil Village. Along with it was a standalone demo available on PS5: Maiden.

Although separate from the game, Maiden gives us a taste of what to expect from the next Resident Evil game. It’s only around ten minutes long, but it’s set in a fantastic location. It looks fantastic, it’s spooky as heck, and it’s made us even more excited to get our hands on Resident Evil Village.

Since Maiden packs in a few Resi-style puzzles, we’ve put together a short walkthrough guide to help you out along the way. So if you’re struggling to complete the Resident Evil Village demo, never fear. Use our guide to help.


How to complete Resident Evil Village: Maiden demo

  • You’ll find yourself in a locked cell. Crawl through the hole at the bottom of the wall, which takes you into another cell. The door’s not locked here, so you can walk out.
  • Look in a nearby cell, where you’ll find a woman (presumably dead) crouched on the floor.
  • Walk to the end of the corridor, where a large wooden door is. There’s a panel to the side of it, but it needs a key.
  • Walk back to the cell with the dead woman. This time, she’s laid on the floor with a pair of bolt cutters in her back. Take the bolt cutters.
  • There are two chained-up cell doors nearby. Use the bolt cutters to access the one that doesn’t have the hanging man behind it. In there you’ll find a pool of blood; put your hands in it to pull out a lockpick.
  • Use the lockpick on the panel at the end of the corridor. It reveals a lever, which will open the door. Walk through.
  • Keep on walking until you come to a brick fireplace, and interact with the brick in it. Keep on walking until you reach a ladder.
  • Climb the ladder, and squeeze through the hole in the brickwork once you reach the top. You’ll find yourself in a rather opulent-looking dressing room.
  • Use the door in front of you, and follow the hallway round. Walk through the door right at the end of the corridor, which leads to a grand hallway.
  • Walk down the stairs and head for the double door furthest away from you. It’s easy to spot; it’s the one with a big bloodstain in front of it. It leads to a dining room.
  • Examine the goblet on the dining room table, which reveals a Maroon Eye ring. Examine the ring to separate the Maroon Eye from it.
  • Go out of the dining room and back up the stairs. Straight in front of you at the top of the stairs is a door with a freaky face. Use the Maroon Eye on the door to open it. Enter.
  • In this next room, open the cupboard to the left of the wine shelf. You’ll find a key in there. Leave the room and go back downstairs.
  • At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll be confronted and attacked by a vampire woman. Run back through to the dining room.
  • Use the key on the door at the other side of the dining room.

And that’s where the demo ends. Maiden is very short, but it had us hooked straight away. We can’t wait to see what else the Resident Evil team has up its sleeve…

Want to watch us play through the Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo? Click here!