Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Overwatch 2

The world could always use more heroes and they’re on the way.

Ever since it was announced that Blizzard is working on Overwatch 2, we’ve been incredibly excited for its release. There’s a handful of information available about the game so far with more to come this year, we’re sure of it.

But until we find out more, we’ve put together a handy guide for all the information we have up to now. Here’s everything we know about Overwatch 2 so far.


Overwatch 2 release date

Overwatch 2 doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, but there’s hope on the horizon. BlizzCon 2021 – or BlizzConline, as its dubbed this year – is an online convention covering all of Blizzard’s upcoming projects. Blizzard usually saves its huge announcements for the yearly convention so it’s likely that we might get a release date, or at least a release window, for Overwatch 2 at the event.

Coming to PC and consoles near you

Because Overwatch 2 is still early in development we don’t know for sure which consoles the game will release on. But with Overwatch being available simultaneously on PC and consoles, it’s likely its sequel will follow suit. We can make an educational guess that it will release for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Nintendo Switch is a possibility, but like many AAA games, it may get ported to Switch later on.

It could be argued, though, that Overwatch 2 may skip the last generation and not release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Especially if its release date is still a little while away.

Overwatch 2 Omnics

New heroes and old

Of course, players can expect to play as all of their beloved characters even more in Overwatch 2. It has been confirmed that all 32 characters from the first game will be returning in Overwatch 2.

The only brand new character that has been confirmed for the roster is Sojourn, who was confirmed as a playable character for the game at 2019’s Blizzcon. We don’t know much about her other than that she was a captain for Overwatch and has a cybernetic arm. She has a maple leaf on her outfit hinting that she is from Canada or has been living there. (There’s also a Toronto map in the game so, more Canada!)

The heroes have got some new tricks

You might be thinking that it could be a little boring to just play as the same characters with all have the same abilities. And you’d be right. Which is why Blizzard is giving many of the game’s characters new abilities. It was highlighted in 2019’s gameplay trailer that players will get new abilities as they level up.

For example, at level 1, Tracer’s pulse pistols reload when she uses any of her other abilities. At level 10, blinking through enemies damages them. We’re willing to guess every other character in the game will be getting the same treatment.

Overwatch 2 Tracer Abilities

There will be new playable modes

The gameplay trailer linked above also gave players a quick glimpse of Overwatch 2’s new modes. There will be more story missions this time around, so that players can really get into the nitty gritty of the Overwatch lore.

Possibly even more interesting is the new PvP mode called “Push”. We get a glimpse of it in the same trailer, but some streamers have had the chance to play it as well. In Push, two teams are competing against one another for control of a robot who is pushing a large block. To score points, players must get the block onto the enemy side as quickly as they can. In practice, it looks as though most games end before the block gets fully to the enemy side, in which case players get points based on who was able to push it the furthest.

Same story, different day

Overwatch 2 will have a bigger focus on story, we know that much. But just what is the game’s story? It’s a sequel, so everything happening occurs after the events of the first game. The cinematic trailer below (that definitely didn’t have us blowing into a tissue), reveals that Null Sector is at it again attacking innocents, and it’s up to the Overwatch team to help.

The likes of Winston, Mei, Reinhardt, Brigitte, Tracer, Echo, Genji and Mercy all come together to fight off the robot horde. Of course, more members of the team will get together during the real game, but it’s great to see everyone together in the trailer. Hopefully, we’ll find out more information about the game’s story at BlizzCon 2021.

All your clothes are coming with you

We’ve covered a lot of exciting topics here, but this is possibly one of the best things about Overwatch 2. All of the cosmetics you’ve unlocked in Overwatch will be available to you in Overwatch 2. It makes sense considering all many of the characters will be the same, but it’s certainly a relief to hear that all of the hard-earned gold players spent on their character’s amazing outfits won’t be going to waste. Plus, it means we can look fabulous from day one.

There will be new and old maps

That gameplay trailer gave players a huge glimpse of some of the places they can expect to go in Overwatch 2. We see a glimpse of the world map with the likes of Paris, Busan, Route 66 and more familiar places showing up there. But new locations have also been revealed, such as Gothenburg and Monte Carlo.

We’re sure there will be even more maps considering the game’s focus on story and the fact that the Overwatch team is needed all over the world. We can’t wait to see where our heroes go next!