Phoenix Wright VS Shower Plants Is Just What 2021 Needs

Ace Attorney

There’s no better way to start the year than by watching Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth rage over shower plants.

Granted, we have no scientific evidence to back up that claim but this gloriously daft Ace Attorney debate really is something special. We’ve previously highlighted these mock trials, created using the Objection.LOL online tool, but YouTuber despotcito and friends have really knocked it out of the courtroom with this one.

We honestly didn’t know that putting plants in the shower was a thing. But, after Googling the subject, we were as horrified as Phoenix to discover that some absolute maniacs do this. Aside from the insanity of shower plants, this non-work safe battle of words also takes in the practice of defrosting raw meat in the bath and then.. well, we’ll let you see for yourself.