Predator Arrives in Fortnite Today

Fortnite Predator

You are what you kill.

From today, Predator is available in Fortnite as part of the game’s Season 5 Chapter 2 Battle Pass.

Players are able to unlock the silent hunter in the game’s Battle Pass now, which players can purchase for 950 V-Bucks. Predator is also available to players who join the Fortnite Crew, a subscription service that includes 1,000 monthly V-Bucks, the Battle Pass and an exclusive Fortnite Crew Pack.


By completing in-game Jungle Hunter Quests, players will also be able to unlock the Predator Outfit with built-in Bio-helmet as well as a unique spray, banner and emoticon.

But Predator isn’t just unlockable as a character skin; he will also be a roaming boss that players can defeat. He’s definitely a tough one to beat, but the reward is worth it. Predator will drop his Cloaking Device which will allow players to be nearly invisible for a short time. Much like previous roaming bosses, you’ll get quite a hefty chunk of experience for defeating him as well.

Where can you find the Predator in Fortnite? Do a bit of exploring in the Sneaky Stronghold, especially near the mysterious space pod, and you’ll be sure to get the encounter you’re looking for. Just make sure you get there before anyone else.

Predator is available in Fortnite right now, so log in to take advantage and see this classic stealthy character in-game. See him in action in the trailer below.