1Video games about dragons

Monster Hunter World Elderdragons

Best mythical creature? Dragons by far.

You can argue with us about this, but dragons are way too cool for school. They can fly, they’ve got different elemental abilities and they can live to be really really old. Plus, they eat people. These are all great qualities for mythical creatures. And when it comes to dragons in video games, we absolutely love to see them. Whether we’re riding them, fighting them or playing as them, dragons are the hottest creatures around.

There are many video games featuring dragons in one form or another. Some are cute, cartoony dragons. Others are badass dragons we really don’t want to mess with. We love ’em all equally, though.

We’ve picked out some of the best dragons in video games. Click on through to see our picks. If you love dragons as much as we do, you know what to play next. One of these games, of course.