SNK Reveals Two New Samurai Shodown Fighters

Samurai Shodown

SNK have revealed two of the fighters who are joining Samurai Shodown with Season Pass 3!

We’re still hoping that, Genan Shiranui, secret lovechild of Freddy Krueger and The Hulk will be joining the roster later but he’s not one of the two fighters thus far revealed. Instead, those who purchase Samurai Shodown’s Season Pass 3 will get jungle-dwelling catgirl Cham Cham, introduced in Samurai Shodown 2, and swordsmith’s daughter Hibiki Takane, who made her debut in The Last Blade.

Cham Cham will be clawing her way into battle this March, pausing only to leave a dead mouse in someone’s shoe. Hibiki’s arrival undated; she and two other mystery fighters will be arriving later this year and you can expect SNK, creators of Samurai Shodown, to reveal more later.


Despite its name, Samurai Shodown is the 12th entry in the samurai-dominated beat-em-up series. It arrived on PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and Stadia last year; we praised the PS4 version, but criticised the qualty of the Nintendo Switch version.

You can catch Cham Cham this March and watch Samurai Shodown’s Season Pass 3 trailer here.