Sony May Discontinue Several Playstation 4 Models

We’ve suspected for a while that Sony will stop making the Playstation 4 Pro but, if one Japanese retailer is to be believed, several other PS4 models will be discontinued.

Sony’s Playstation Direct store currently states that the Playstation 4 Pro has “LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE, while supplies last. Item replacement option not available” and, until it was removed, there was also a message stating “There are currently no plans to restock this item in the future.”

However, as reported by VGC, Twitter user Cheesemeister3k, discovered a sign in one Japanese retailer advising that several Playstation 4 models, not just the Pro, would no longer be restocked as the manufacturer was ending production.


It does make sense Playstation 4 Pro would be ended as its RRP is only a hair under that of the Playstation 5 Digital Edition. The Playstation 3 was discontinued ten years after its release and, with the PS4 having been released in 2013, we’re not too far away from that particular anniversary.

However, even if this proves to be 100% accurate (it could just be the retailer being overzealous) we wouldn’t recommend you panic-buy a PS4 just yet. We’ve hung onto the Playstation 3 because, short of Playstation Now, the Playstation 4 won’t play PS3 games. The Playstation 5, on the other hand, plays most PS4 games through backwards compatibility, so even if your original PS4 stops working, you shouldn’t lose access to your games.

Will we see a Playstation 4 Super Slim? Probably not. Playstation CEO Jim Ryan stated they were planning on supporting the PS4 into 2022, so it seems unlikely they would launch an entirely new model at this late juncture.