Star Wars Battlefront II Is Free on the Epic Games Store This Week

Star Wars Battlefront II is free on the Epic Games Store this week, starting Thursday.

From January 14th to January 21st, you’ll be able to get Star Wars Battlefront II absolutely free from the Epic Games Store, to play and keep as long as you want. How can you argue with a bargain like that?

Well, you could start by pointing out how the original release was a cynical, money-grabbing, play-to-win affair, but Battlefront II has come a long way since its controversial 2017 launch. There’s been buckets and buckets of free content added, extra arenas, extra characters and more. There are cosmetic microtransactions, but there are enough people playing it to make it easy to get a match if you dive online. Naturally, you do need an Epic Games Store account but, like Steam, you can create one for free.


And if you’re after playing offline, there’s a half decent single-player campaign though some of the cameos are awkwardly shoehorned in. We do miss having a proper offline conquest mode, something that was present in 2005’s Star Wars Battlefront II, but with a bit of luck we’ll see that crop up in Battlefront III.

In short, if you love or even just like Star Wars, you should head over to the Epic Games Store this Thursday 14th and claim your free copy.

Do it.