1Board Games Don’t Need to Be Physical Anymore

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2020 was the year of dusting off all of our board games.

We’ve been stuck inside for months with our families, so what better way to entertain ourselves then with a quick round of Catan or The Game of Life? Then again, many of us turned to video games as our saviour this past year. How about those that combined them together to enjoy the best of both worlds?

Sometimes, it’s much easier to just plug in your console and gather your family together around the television. Thanks to digital versions of board games, you can do that. Digital board games also allow you to play your favourite games without being physically near your friends and family. During the pandemic, that’s been an absolute lifesaver for many of us.

Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch has an excellent selection of digital board games. We’ve put together a list of our favourites so you know what to pick up on your next family game day. Click on through to see the best digital board games on Switch.

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