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The Internet is Lusting Over Tall Vampire Lady from Resident Evil Village

Maiden Resident Evil Village

We’re all excited to play Resident Evil Village, but we’re more excited to be smothered by Tall Vampire Lady.

Tall Vampire Lady is also known as Lady Alcina Dimitrescu and, since her recent debut, the internet has been both intrigued by and attracted to her.

We’ve been cracking up seeing how crazy the internet has gone over this lusty lady so we’ve put together some of our favourite memes that emerged last week.

Vampire Fantasy

We’ve all gone through the fantasy of having our blood sucked by a vampire.

Oh, you haven’t had that fantasy? Well, most of the internet now has after seeing that new Resident Evil Village trailer.

ESRB Warning

Looking for the official ESRB warning for Resident Evil Village? Here you go. Warnings include: Tall Vampire Lady who doesn’t fit through doors and wears a big hat. Rated S for Step On Me. 100% official, honest.

Hello There

Are we scared or turned on by the evil ladies in Resident Evil Village? Well, this guy can attest that he is both.

The Big Woman Still Here?

Trust us, you’re not the only one attracted to women that could crush you in one quick stomp.


Maybe not all of you are ready for marriage, but this Twitter user is already practicing their vows for when they marry Lady Demitrescu.

Pick Me Up Alcina, Pick Me Up

We love a good mix of memes and this one cracked us up as soon as we saw it. The joke here being that Tall Vampire Lady could just pick us up off the ground and we’d be happy with it. Just like Baby Yoda with his bestie.

The New Logo

It’s pretty cool how Capcom managed put the VIII in Village as part of the game’s logo, but we think this person’s reimagining of the logo is much more appropriate.

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