The January Developer Update for Dead by Daylight Brings Huge Announcements

Dead by Daylight Asylum Update

Some brand new changes are headed to Dead by Daylight.

The best thing about ongoing games is that they’re always getting tweaks, updates and changes. Dead by Daylight is certainly one of those games and very soon it will getting some huge updates. Developer Behaviour Interactive has just released the notes on its January Developer Update, so here’s some of those highlights.

One of the biggest items in this Developer Update is changes to the killer, The Clown. Coming to the game are items called the “Afterpiece Antidote”. The Antidote is a new throwable bottle that shatters, releasing a yellow gas. Once that gas activates, anyone who steps in it receives a 10% movement speed bonus. Like the Clown’s Tonic, this effect stays around for a few seconds. Players will be able to switch between these at any time.


The antidote will cure any negative effects from the Afterpiece Tonic. This means killers will have to be a bit careful where they’re aiming their throwables. You could give survivors a boost to help them get away unintentionally if you don’t.

Another big update that’s on the way is four years in the making: a brand new HUD display. This new display not only changes where things are located on the player screen, but adds some new elements to help players out during the game. Players will now be able to see which character someone is playing as, with character portraits next to their name. You’ll also be able to see who has and hasn’t been hooked with the new hook counter and progress bars.

One of the last very big changes coming to Dead by Daylight is matchmaking rating and rank rewards. The team has been hard at work tweaking how things work in regards to ratings and they will soon be launching skill-based matchmaking for another test soon. This means that players will get put into matches based on their skill level rather than how many games they’ve played. No more rank 16 killers battling it out against four rank 1 survivors! Rank rewards are also on the way, which will give players blood points at the end of the season. The amount of points will be reflective of how far they managed to get in the ranks.

There’s a whole host of other updates on the way to Dead by Daylight this month, including graphical updates for the Gideon Meat Plant and the Crotus Prenn Asylum, changes for The Wraith and The Trapper and more.

You can read the full developer update over on the game’s official forum or watch the video below.