Two Point Hospital’s DLC-packed Jumbo Edition Is Coming to Consoles

Two Point Hospital review

PETA can relax, Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition has nothing to do with giving elephants oversized scalpels and using them to replace overworked medical staff.

We would happily play a Two Point Hospital spin-off that saw you curing cute animals of their comedy ailments. But Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition is a re-bundled version of the original game, itself a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, that features all the downloadable content to date.

Jumbo Edition will feature the Pebberly Island, Close Encounters, Bigfoot and Off the Grid add-ons as well as the Retro and Exhibition item packs. While the latter two are largely decorative, the four main expansion packs add new ailments, new locations and more.


Two Point Hospital sees you running a hospital empire, struggling to cure patients while staying financially afloat. Patients enter the hospital with a variety of absurd ailments and it’s up to you to diagnose and cure them. We reviewed it on both PC and Xbox, awarding it an 8/10 and 9/10 respectively, calling the Xbox One version “simply a delight”.

Oddly, the Xbox One is the one platform that won’t be getting a physical release of Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition. Instead, it’ll only be released digitally on Xbox One. Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 players, on the other hand, will be able to get a boxed copy or a digital version of the DLC-stuffed release. Both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions will work on their respective next-gen counterparts, due to backwards compatibility.

The DLC can be purchased separately so if you’ve already got two or more of the packs it might work out cheaper to just buy the DLC you’re missing. But if you’ve yet to jump into Two Point Hospital, the Jumbo Edition is a great place to start.

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition will be released on 5th March.